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At Quigley-Ford, we believe the best solution for shooting at extended ranges is to simplify the entire process so calculations or estimations are reduced to a minimum. The number one factor in hitting targets at extended ranges is knowing the exact range of the intended target. This is imperative, regardless of the aiming method used. We recommend only one method for determining the actual distance to targets and that is with the use of a good laser rangefinder. There is no substitute… period.

Quigley-Ford long range hunting scopes were developed with real hunting conditions in mind. Once you have committed to a favorite gun and load that shoots great groups, you don’t need to hop it up a notch to get great downrange results.

We build each scope to match a specific caliber, bullet weight, ballistic coefficient, and muzzle velocity; We actually engrave it right on the scope so there’s no mistake what it’s intended for.

When using a Quigley-Ford scope, you have only to determine the actual range of your target and then select the calibrated reticle within the scope to match the distance and aim exactly where you want to hit the target. Squeeze off your shot and get out the gutting tools.

Quigley-Ford scopes have made a commitment to making caliber/load specific optics you can depend on for real hunting situations.

Your Specs. Your Scope.

  • Load/Caliber Specific

  • Wide Field of View

  • Custom Etched Reticle

  • Argon Filled

  • Shock/Recoil Proof

  • Fog and Water Proof

  • Parallax Adjustment

  • Full Lifetime Warranty


The Quigley Difference

Quigley-Ford vs. Other Etched Reticle Scopes

There are many etched reticle scopes on the market today. Just about every reputable scope company is making one. What sets Quigley-Ford apart from the rest, is that ours are truly custom.
Most etched reticle scopes offer different reticles with different range options. Almost all give suggestions for groups of calibers that will work, but none go as far as customizing the reticle to the caliber and the specific load you shoot. Quigley-Ford does.

Our scopes are custom to the caliber, grain weight of bullet, muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient. Our scopes can be etched for the factory load shooter or the hand loader as well. Some etched reticle scopes will have you calculating your bullets trajectory online and then using different hash marks within the reticle for true drop points. This can be very complicated and confusing and often creates too much room for human error. Quigley-Ford has simplified the process by offering the hunter a scope that is etched specifically for his load.

Nothing complicated or confusing…. Just fast and accurate shooting.

Quigley-Ford was the highest rated long range scope in Field & Stream Magazine’s “Best of the Best” competition in 2010.

Quigley-Ford Custom Etched Reticle Scopes  vs.  Adjustable Turret Scopes

Turret style adjustments are very popular with some shooters and can be calibrated to do some very accurate trajectory compensation, however, we don’t make them for a couple of reasons. For one thing Adjustable turret scopes are simply slower to use than utilizing a pre-etched  reticles, and that’s a fact no one can dispute. It is rare to have any extra time to waste when the shot of a lifetime presents itself!

Additionally, while hunting, your gun is often in and out of a scabbard…Do you know if your turrets have moved when the opportunity for a quick shot presents itself? That’s a chance not worth taking when your trophy of a lifetime is at stake. Most often, the game you are hunting is seen in low light situations. Can you trust that as daylight is fading you will be able to read the turrets to make an adjustment? For that fact alone, we believe our custom etched reticles are the only practical answer.

Simply put: Quigley-Ford has designed the common sense solution for practical shooting at all distances.

Check out our products page… ALL our scopes carry a lifetime warranty….contact us anytime for more information.

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