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I purchased a new to me rifle equipped with a Quigley-Ford scope. I emailed Quigley-Ford inquiring as to the lifetime warranty. Randy (the owner!) replied indicating that the warranty is transferable!! I was very pleased to say the least. The week that I received my gun, I went out and shot 6 rounds at 200yds, happy to hit my target with all six. The next day I had the opportunity to go hunting. I had an elk tag; just didn’t think I’d be filling it a 650yds!! Can’t say enough about the simplicity of RANGE, HOLD OVER, BANG!! Looking forward to next season!!

B. Wegener – December 2019

As an outfitter I Highly recommend Quigley-Ford optics. I and my guides use them and have been 100 % successful In our hunts with this scope. I recommend them to my hunters and when they listen, they also have been 100% successful. Whether They are brand new hunters or well seasoned. We have harvested animals from 60- 800 yards in the last two years. This scope takes out the guess work and adds speed and accuracy in high adrenaline situations.

Wilderness Tracks Guides & Outfitters – January 2020

I matched the scope on my Smith Custom Guns .338RUM. I carried this gun during the Pennsylvania Firearms season and Friday the 13th turned out to be my day. Was able to harvest this mature PA 8pt whitetail.

R. Maring – February 2020

It’s early. I haven’t been in the field yet. But if that exp is anything like the order and delivery process I’m already so impressed. The scope was delivered lightening fast and The packaging was second to none. Scope cover, two sets of lens flips and sun shade. Caliber and speed etched to elev turret. WOW !!! So far. So good. I’ll update soon.

R. Collins – February 2020

I received a Quigley-Ford scope ( 4-16, 50 mil) for a gift, custom built for my 300 Tika short mag. So far I have shoot 2 bull moose approx. 200 yards away, but I tried 600 yards on a target and hit 1 inch over the bullseye. I then set up at 1000 yards just for fun and I hit the target twice , (not on bullseye) out of 6 shots but it was very windy and I do not have the tools to read wind speed . I love my scope, just point and shoot up to 1000 yards.

G. Polden – April 2020