Long Range Scopes

5-20X50 Dual Focal Plane Scope


The ONLY long range scope that is built with dual focal plane capability (without electronics or batteries) to make it effective for both long range shots AND close up. Shooting in near dark conditions on lower power settings! (Patent Pending)

Unless you always shoot at the same altitude, we suggest 5000 ft. That way the reticle will still be very effective from sea level to 10,000 ft.

If you always hunt shoot in a specific temperature please specify, otherwise we suggest 50°F.

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Our patent pending dual focal plane scope provides a super bold second focal plane etched aiming point that stays prominent on all power settings PLUS a first focal plane reticle to provide the ability to shoot at any distance on any power. With this innovative combination a hunter in near darkness, using the lowest power setting (where the entire FFP portion of the reticle has disappeared), can still pick up an aiming point on an animal with ease.

Learn more about advantages of dual focal plane vs first focal plane vs second focal plane

Scope finish: matte black
Reticle position: dual focal plane (DFP)
Eye relief: 3-4″
Scope adjustment: 1/4″/100 yards
Parallax adjustment: side
Scope weight: 25.5 oz
Magnification: 5×20
Scope objective diameter: 50 mm
Scope tube size: 30 mm
Scope length: 15.75″
Sun shade: included

QF-520D/5x20x50 Dual